Why youth yoga? Youth yoga carries so many great benefits for the child. Through yoga your child will learn self regulation, have a greater awareness of their body and self, learn to concentrate better, build body strength, and practice ways to cope with stress & anxiety that so often pops up in day to day life. Through their practice they will cultivate peace, self love, positive energy, and compassion for others. Their yoga practice doesn't end in class, they will bring what they learned home with them and apply it to their daily life, and spread it through their community. 


Ashley Catalano

Certifications:  Children Yoga certification: Radiant Yoga Child; Reiki level I & II practitioner;  Birth & Bereavement Doula

Ashley first started practicing yoga 12 years ago, starting at home and then branching out to taking local classes. At the time she was a full time student and also employed full time, so she welcomed the peace and strength that the practice offered her on and off the mat. After the birth of her second child in 2013 she delved a bit deeper into her practice, making more room for it regularly. Sharing it with her husband and children. It quickly became a regular nightly family practice, and the benefits for the entire family were profound.  Wanting to share yoga with other families and children, she then pursued her certification in teaching youth yoga. In spring of 2016, Ashley completed Radiant Child yoga courses 1&2, in the fall of 2016 she completed Radiant Child Yoga course 3. In the last year she has worked with a local school regularly and with girl scout troops to obtain their yoga badge. She loves seeing the growth that each of her students makes in their practice, and watching the joy that carries with them through out class. Her classes are filled with partner poses, breath work, self regulation techniques, and fun! 


Tranquil Tots - Ages 18 months-3.5 Years

Tranquil Tots is a class designed specifically for toddlers ages 18months- 3.5 years, and their grown up.  This class is an upbeat, fun, and playful class designed to be a great bonding yoga experience for the little ones.  Each class will include songs, art, age appropriate yoga poses, and games that encourage motor skills.  Recurring themes will include peace, love, compassion, and most importantly FUN!

6 Week Session - $60 for 6 Sessions.



Mini Yogis & Yoginis: Ages 3.5 - 5

Mini Yogis and Yoginis is a class that opens up a new independence and sense of self for your mini yogis ages 3.5-5 ! Children will start to work on noticing breath, doing age appropriate yoga poses, building confidence in their movements, and moving through poses with fun, themed  stories & adventures.  Each class includes songs, games, mindfulness stories & rotating themes that encourage peace, love, compassion, and having fun!  

6 Week Session - $60 for 6 Sessions



Karma Kid Flow: Ages 6 - 9

Karma Kid Flow is a class for children ages 6-9 which will allow them to explore yoga through a series of age appropriate yoga poses &  movements.  Deepening an understanding of breath work and awareness of their body, mind, and balance.  They will participate in partner poses, self calming/ self regulating techniques, self esteem & confidence building, meditation, and fun games & yoga stories that will help build a sense of community, peace, trust, and compassion.

6 Week Session - $60 for 6 Sessions OR drop in $15



Emerging Empowerment: Girls Ages 10 - 13

Emerging Empowerment is a class that has been designed specifically for girls ages 10-13 who are looking for a great introduction to yoga or to grow in their yoga practice.  This class will allow the girls to create space for gratitude, strength, positivity, compassion, trust, and friendship. This class includes mindfulness work, meditation, focus on breathing techniques, partner poses, exercises to help with stress/anxiety, and building up self esteem & confidence through a series of age appropriate poses and games.

6 Week Session - $60 for 6 Sessions OR drop in $15

Next Session 4:00 PM, Wednesdays, February 6-March 13