Slow Flow

Monday 9:30 am and 7:00 pm, Thursday 7:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am

Appropriate for beginners and experienced yogis alike, modifications are offered for all levels.  Focus is on asanas (postures) inner focus, pranayama (breath work), relaxation and meditation in motion.  There is an emphasis on self acceptance and approaching the practice with non-judgement, accepting yourself as "perfect just as you are."  Combining both vinyasa (flow with breath) and the holding of asanas, students will develop strength and flexibility of both body and mind.  


Monday 5:30 pm, Tuesday 5:30 pm, Thursday 5:30 pm, Friday 9:30 am and 5:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 am

Vinyasa classes pick up where slow flow left off, taking the practice a little deeper.  These classes hold a lot of fun variety, teaching you how to enter the asanas (poses) in many new ways, linking your movements with breath, eventually becoming a moving meditation.  Be prepared to safely stretch and strengthen the body and get a full workout while unifying your mind, body and soul.  With a balance of structure and experimentation, this class is for anyone who has some experience with Yoga looking to explore their own edge.  


Wednesday 7:00 pm, Thursday 5:30 pm

Yin is the "other half,"  Most exercise focuses on superficial muscles (yang),  and Yin is the "other half" of your practice.  Yin exercises the hidden half of the body, the connective tissues: bones, ligaments, both intramuscular and 3-D web fascia, and tendons.  In Yin Yoga, muscles relax to open and work deeply into the connective tissues to strengthen our bones (esp. in lumbar spine) and other connective tissues, helping to improve and maintain flexibility and mobility.  Yin targets areas of lower back, thighs, spine and hips, strengthening and hydrating these critical areas.  Restrictions of the body's range of motion lay 41% in muscles and 47% in connective tissues, so Yin Yoga provides a powerful opportunity to restore and maintain the body's strength, flexibility, and fluidity, making it the perfect complement to common young exercise, including Vinyasa Yoga, crosstraining, cycling and running.  

Yin Yoga also regulates energy pathways, balancing and promoting a healthy flow of energy throughout the body, nourishing the body's organs and steadying emotional states.  (Sagel Urlacher)  


Tuesday 7:00 pm, Sunday 4:00 pm

Gentle and restorative yoga, sometimes using props and bolsters, offering you an opportunity to gently stretch and relax.

Power Hour is an energetic and powerful way to move your mind and body. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat as you lengthen and strengthen your body, while gaining balance, flexibility and perspective both on and off the mat.  This class is for all levels as pose variations will be shown.

Power Hour

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 AM